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The Awakening


How did a girl that struggled with low self esteem from years of child abuse and homelessness become a #1 International Bestselling Author, Speaker, and Confidence Coach inspiring women around the world to stand tall, be confident and love themselves so genuinely and passionately that they would be courageous enough to live authentically?

A fourth-generation New Yorker, born and raised in New York City, I will always have a special place in my heart for my hometown. I believe growing up there had a strong influence on my love for fashion and that is why I studied to become a fashion designer, however I became disillusioned with the fashion industry and decided to pursue other career opportunities. I had the privilege of working in several Fortune 500 companies like IBM and American Express and also, one of the top universities in the United States at Columbia University. My professional experience of working with executives and distinguished scholars, building teams, and managing offices for over the past twenty five years has been rewarding and helping me become a successful entrepreneur!

Professionally I did well for myself, but emotionally I was a wreck and did everything I could do to hide the pain, guilt, and shame from my past. The panic attacks started in mid-twenties because I thought everyone could see through me. They were laughing at me or mocking me behind my back! A continuous narrative ran through my head telling me the innumerable reasons why people didn’t like me and why they could not be trusted. The constant stress of being on guard and be ready in case of attack was taking a toll on my emotional and psychological well-being. My defenses were up, but my spirit was down.

It all came to a crash when I was 25 years old because the burden of carrying all the pain, bitterness, resentment and unresolved anger towards my abuser caused me to have feelings of self-harm that one night I actually carried out. It was a desperate cry for help! Once I received help, I was able to let my guard down and give the frightened little girl inside of me a voice. She was allowed to come out of hiding and tell her story! Once the frightened little girl found her voice, shared her story and felt empowered, she learned the power of forgiveness. The liberation from shame, guilt, and pain is indescribable. The panic attacks dissipated as well as the excruciating migraine headaches that plagued me throughout my teens and twenties. I grew stronger with each day as my outlook changed and my future became clearer. I was ready to step out into center stage!

The Emergence

Here is a fun fact for you – I love to travel!  Growing up in a diversity-rich environment like New York City only intensified my fascination with people from other cultures different from my own. When I wasn’t traveling, I was planning my next trip! However, traveling often wasn’t enough. I wanted to live my dream of living abroad. In 2005, I made that dream a reality when I moved to Rome, Italy. A year later, I relocated to Barcelona, Spain and for work-related purposes, I lived briefly in Munich, Germany. I currently live in northern California, in the Bay Area with my two beautiful children.

Living Fearlessly with Confidence

After years of building up my self-esteem, rebuilding strong and healthy relationships, and being a strong, confident woman it seemed like I was on the right track, but something was missing. My life looked great from the outside, but I was feeling frustrated and exhausted all the time. The reason was I trying to be the perfect wife, mother, employee. I was self-conscious about my accent, height, presence, tone of my voice, everything. I would try to diminish myself to make others feel at ease around me. I wasn’t being my true self because I didn’t think I would accepted. I had the self-confidence to step into the spotlight, but like an actor it was all a performance. I had to learn to love myself in every way without reservation. It did not involve perfection, only acceptance.

On my journey I have learned that if you want to aspire to your greatness, you can’t be a shadow of yourself, you have to be authentic. When I had the self-confidence to take center stage and remove the mask to be my authentic self I was able to be my best self!

In 2016, I founded  Aspire2Inspire Transformational Practice LLC to empower and inspire women worldwide to achieve their full potential and realize their dreams. Through my Aspire Life programs women can improve their self-esteem, build self-confidence, and find the courage to live authentically.

As a Confidence Coach, I am committed to helping women gain the confidence and courage to be authentic. I help women learn the value of self-acceptance by loving themselves and being comfortable in their own skin.

I love this journey I am on and consider it a privilege. It’s no coincidence you are reading this! Let’s chat for a few minutes and get all of your questions answered, just click on the Book Now button for a free 20-minute session. Schedule your call today.

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