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These results-based programs enable all my clients to achieve amazing results!
Choose the best option for you.

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Unstoppable Confidence
Success Blueprint

This three month intensive program is tailored to help committed women curate a powerful sense of self, develop unstoppable self-confidence, and achieve immeasurable success on their own terms. This program was designed to help clarify what you really want out of life, remove negative obstacles, and pursue what it is you want with relentless optimism…and get it!


Women On A Mission:
Career Confidence Mastery System

This four month breakthrough program was specifically designed for career women, entrepreneurs, and soon-to-be entrepreneurs release self-doubts, develop unshakable confidence, and become fearless powerhouses! This amazing program has been helping women get derailed careers on track, start and scale their business, and completely transform their lives!

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The R.I.S.E. Program
1:1 Confidence Coaching

The acronym R.I.S.E stands for Relentless Intrepid Successful Entrepreneurs. This highly exclusive step-by-step program is only for women seeking optimal growth and committed to achieving exception results. This program was specifically designed for women seeking to delve into strategies to level up their business exponentially, scale up to 6 and 7 figure incomes, and experience breakthroughs in their personal and professional lives.

Excellence is never an option!


We are committed to providing you exemplary support before, during, and after
your transformation from unmotivated to unstoppable!

Email and Phone Support

Providing email/text/phone assistance to ensure optimal support during your breakthrough process.

Online Courses

The programs include powerful video courses to help accelerate the process and help you achieve incredible results.

LiveStream Trainings

Scheduled LiveStream trainings with impactful Q & A sessions that will keep you motivated and inforned..


Elegant, well-designed, carefully curated work materials, empowering exercises and worksheets.

A Tribe of Support

A group of supportive women encouraging each other on their journey to building unstoppable confidence for a successful life.

Recorded Trainings

Recorded trainings available 24/7 for quick reference and support when needed.

adrian jefferson chofor Your Confidence Instigator

“I am committed to helping you build unstoppable confidence to have the career, relationships, and life you have always wanted. My job is to help you aspire to your greatness and step with confidence everyday!”

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Have Questions?

Did you know that a sign of low self-confidence is the fear of asking questions? No, really. One step toward building unstoppable confidence is overcoming the fear of asking questions. Go on …send me the questions you have always wanted to ask and start stepping with confidence to a new YOU!

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